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Power Yoga For Weight Loss & Mind? Yoga Poses For Beginners at Home

Power yoga for weight loss

What is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga is also known as “Gym yoga”. Power Yoga is an intense fitness workout to strengthen the overall body. It is a fitness based vinyasa style of yoga followed by people all over the world. This technique of yoga is closely related to Ashtanga Yoga and poses the similar qualities of it. It is used for better health, to increase overall stamina, strength, flexibility of body, and calm your mind. When you practice power yoga it increase the stamina of body by building body heat which helps your body and mind. Power yoga make you feel energized.

Who Invented Power Yoga?

Power Yoga came into light during the 1990’s. Two American Yoga teachers Bryan Kest and Beryl Bender Birch from the United States invented the power yoga for western yoga students. As we know Ashtanga Yoga is a tedious and difficult approach, so these two teachers mixed the Ashtanga Yoga poses with strength training for a healthy life. Kest originally learned the technique from David Williams and Bender Birch learned from Normal Allen.

How Power Yoga is different from Traditional Yoga? Power yoga v/s traditional yogaPower yoga and Traditional yoga are different or we can say same but with little moderation and intensity. Power yoga is the modern form of traditional yoga mainly practiced in western nations. Traditional Yoga has particular asanas which are performed with minimal physical activity but power yoga is a fusion of yoga poses with western exercises.

In traditional yoga there are sequence of poses which need to be done properly. Power yoga has no particular sequence of poses, it is a complete physical, mental and soul workout with series of poses performed in any way. Power yoga is fast but traditional yoga is more complex and time consuming.

How to Lose weight with Power Yoga?

Power yoga is a full body workout and mainly known as weight loss workout due to its advanced form. It gives you the benefits of both exercise regime and yoga. With Power yoga you can get back into shape as it work on core muscles and helps to strengthen the muscles. Now start practising this perfect blend of aerobics, cardio and traditional yoga to achieve great results. With an one an hour power yoga session you can easily burn 400-450 calories. It work on the the overall body and strengthen the muscles which helps to flush out toxins from the body. Now attain the better physical and mental health with this fantastic technique. Want to know how it helps to burn calories and lose weight? Checkout the reasons below:

Power yoga is incredible Stress Buster

Power yoga not only keeps you fit physically but it also helps to reduce stress and muscle tension. Researches shows that people who practice power yoga on regular basis have overcome the stress related problems. It keeps you mentally fit and relieves every kind of stress and tension. Depression is the major reason of weight gain and power yoga helps to fight stress and depression.

Power Yoga Helps to Improve Blood Sugar level of the Body

Power Yoga not only helps to lose weight but it also improves the blood sugar level of the body. Recent studies show that practicing power yoga on regular basis helps to control the blood sugar level. Excess blood sugar level leads to weight gain.

Power Yoga is a Simple Immunity Booster

Regular practice of power yoga makes you strong inside out. It improves the blood circulation of the body which helps to boost the immunity. It protects our body from seasonal viral infections and other diseases by strengthening our immunity cells.

Power Yoga Makes you Sleep Better

Power yoga increases the level of Leptin hormone which is responsible for sound sleep. By increasing the level of Leptin is improves the sleep quality. A lower level of Leptin hormone makes you eat more food which leads to weight gain.

Power Yoga Boost Metabolism

Our metabolic rate depends on various factors like age, gender, physical activity.  It indirectly influences our metabolism. Power yoga asanas are of high intensity which boosts the metabolism.

Power Yoga Detoxify the Body

Practicing Power yoga cleanse the system. Yoga increases the internal heat which flushes out the harmful toxins from the body.  It pumps your inner temperature and starts the detox process.

Power Yoga Burn Calories

Breathing technique in yoga helps to 1000 calories in one-hour session which is much more than an aerobic or cardio session. Power yoga focuses on core muscles and strengthens the body.

Power Yoga Poses (Asana) for Weight Loss at Home

Here I am going to list a few popular power yoga poses to lose belly fat and strengthen muscles at home. You can start your yoga session with Surya Namaskar as it warms up the body and makes it prepare for Power yoga poses which are complex and intense.

Plank Power Yoga Pose

Plank Power Yoga PosePlank Pose burns many calories as it requires all your muscles while doing this. For beginners stay in this pose for 30 seconds to 1 mins and then gradually increase the time up to 5 mins. Longer the duration of the pose more the calories you burn. You can burn more calories by raising one foot off the mat for 30 seconds.

Power Yoga Basic Squats or Utkatasana

Power Yoga Basic Squats or UtkatasanaBasic squats are also known as chair pose in simple words and in Yoga, it is known as Utkatasana. As we know we probably gain more weight on the thigh and hips. This pose helps to tone buttocks and thighs. Yoga main focus on the breathing technique, so while practicing any pose keep your inhale and exhale technique right.

Steps to Do Basic Squats

Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart.

Extend your arms forward in the alignment of your shoulders.

Now sit back and down as you are going to sit on a chair.

Stop for 3-5 seconds in the position.

Make sure your thighs are parallel to the floor and your back should be straight.

Repeat this yoga pose for 10-15 times in one set and do 3 sets.

Virabhadrasana or Warrior Pose

Virabhadrasana or Warrior PoseWarrior pose is another power yoga pose which helps to strengthen core muscles, legs and back. This pose requires strength and make your stomach tighter by working on abdominal muscles. If you want to master this pose then daily practice is required.

Steps to Do Warrior Pose

Stand straight in Tadasana or Mountain Pose.

With an Exhale make your legs wide apart.

Now Inhale and turn your right feet outward by 90 degrees angle and left feet inward by 15-degree angle.

Now Exhale and lift your arms to sideways to shoulder height.

Inhale and bend your left knee and turn your head to the left to look straight.

Now repeat the pose to the right side.

Do 15-20 sets of warrior pose to get a toned body.

Dolphin Pose or Ardha Pincha Mayurasana

Dolphin Pose or Ardha Pincha MayurasanaDolphin pose is also known as downward facing dog pose in simple words. In this pose, body look like inverted “V” and this is one of the effective postures to lose weight. This pose work on the overall body, it strengthens the core muscles, thighs and shoulders at the same time. Dolphin pose is very simple and beginners can practice at home without any supervision.

Steps to Do Dolphin Pose

Get down like a dog on your knees and arms.

Now keep your forearms on the ground and keep your shoulder and arms in parallel line.

Now exhale and come in downward dogs position by lifting your back and hips.

Keep your legs straight and let your head hang freely.

Stay in this position for 5-6 breaths. You can modify this posture by lifting your one leg in the air for 5 breaths count.

Repeat this pose for 10-15 times. Do 3 sets of this pose for best results.

Boat Pose or Navasana

Boat Pose or Navasana for weight lossBoat pose looks like “V” and helps to strengthen shoulders, core muscles, arms, and legs. This pose is extremely easy to practice at home. By regular practicing of this pose, you can achieve flat stomach easily at home.

Step to Do boat Pose

Begin with seated on the yoga mat with your knees bent and feet on the floor.

Rest your hands beside your hips.Keep your spine straight and lean back your back slightly. Now lift your legs upward and keep your thighs together. Now lift your arms and make a V shape as shown in the image. Stay in the pose for 5-6 breathes.

Abdominal Churning or Nauli Pose

Abdominal Churning for weight lossNauli pose focuses on the abdominal muscles and requires proper breathing technique. In this pose, you have to rotate the central part of the abdomen while holding the breath on empty lungs. If you practice this pose then you will not face any stomach related issues and can digest anything. This pose helps to treat constipation.

Steps to do Abdominal Churning

In this pose isolate the central part of the abdominal muscles while making sure that the sides of your abdomen are hollow.

Now put little pressure to rotate the central part to the left side and then to the right side.

Repeat it for several times.

Do this yoga pose for 5-10 mins for effective results.

Other Health Benefits of Power Yoga

  1. Power yoga helps to burn calories and gives you a toned body.
  2. It helps to fight depression and anxiety.
  3. It flushes out harmful toxins from the body and improves digestion.
  4. Power yoga is very good for the mind. It improves the memory.
  5. It makes you feel happy internally.
  6. Power yoga helps to regulate the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and balance hormones.
  7. It is the best immunity booster.
  8. The breathing technique in power yoga improves the lung capacity.
  9. It helps to build confidence and very important for self-regulation.
  10. Power yoga is helpful in back pain and joint pain and improves the posture.

How to perform Power Yoga to Lose Weight?

Here are some tips to remember while practicing power yoga.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes for practicing yoga.
  2. Get the yoga mat, water bottle, towel, and energy drink if you want.
  3. Keep your mind calm and sit in a silent place.
  4. Maintain proper hygiene for the healthy body.
  5. Do basic warm-up exercises before doing power yoga.

When Not to practice Power yoga

Power yoga includes an intense form of the workout so it is not advised to perform if you are suffering from back pain or any other pain. If you want to get rid of the pain then practice power yoga or regular yoga under expert supervision otherwise it will worsen the symptoms.

Do not practice power yoga if you are pregnant, suffer from injuries, had recent surgery, or suffering from serious disease.


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